Republic 1250

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We like to say this stove is big on heat and small on price. Experience the famous Lopi quality and performance in an entry-level wood stove that just plain heats. The economically priced Republic 1250 was created with the intention of building an affordable, aesthetically appealing and practical Lopi Woodstove. Features of the Republic 1250 include a large, radiant heat transfer cooktop surface as well as a convection surface for maximum heat output. A fully lined ceramic brick firebox, heavy-duty steel construction, and the option of either steel legs or pedestal and outside air kit. Zone heat up to 1,200 sq. ft. and enjoy 8 hours of heating without reloading. Ideal for heating smaller homes or zonal heating for rooms or offices.


Heating Capacity 600 to 1,200 Sq. Feet

Weight 243 Lbs.

Maximum Burn Time 8 Hours

Maximum Log Size 18 ”

Construction 1/4″ to 3/16″ Steel Plate

Steady State Efficiency 79.6%

Heat Output 66,800 BTU’s / Hour

Firebox Size 1.6 Cubic Feet

Emissions 4.4 Grams Per Hour


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