Exacta Vent-Free Fireboxes

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The versatile BUF Series firebox comes in two sizes, and its vent free, zero-clearance design allows you to place it in many different settings, with no need to add an expensive hearth or flue setup.

Install Almost Anywhere
Flexible installation and neutral design — With a true 36″ or 42″ brick-to-brick opening, this series is a versatile vent free option for any design application. The neutral refractory firebrick and classic masonry match any décor.
CSA Design Certified
Complementary design — The BUF Series firebox is certified to fit most 18″, 24″ and 30″ vent free gas log sets.
Zero Clearance
More flexible installation options — Zero clearance design gives you the flexibility to add this firebox to any interior wall.


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