Do you have unwanted odors, wall discoloration and malfunctions for your vent-free fireplace? Regular maintenance and cleaning is key to years of trouble-free enjoyment of your fireplace. Hearth and Patio recommends maintaining a vent-free fireplace or gas log and burner system is crucial for worry free use all year long. Your vent-free gas fireplace should be cleaned and serviced at least once per year. We also recommend prior to the burning season, and additional cleaning in the middle of the season if the fireplace is used frequently.

All vent-free gas fireplace products have a “break-in” process to cure the logs and burn off any oils or residues that were left over from the manufacturing process. The “break-in” process consists of burning the unit at its highest setting for 5 to 6 consecutive hours. During this “break-in” procedure you may notice some light smoke and a strong smell similar to burning paper. There WILL be odors, but this is normal. After the “break-in” process is completed, the odor should diminish with the first 10 to 20 hours of use. There are a few environmental, maintenance and installation circumstances that can cause additional odors and possibly wall discoloration.

Safety is also key to enjoying your vent-free unit. All vent-free gas fireplace products are equipped with a safety pilot and oxygen depletion system. The safety pilot is designed to stop the flow of gas if the pilot flame extinguishes. The Oxygen Depletion System, or O.D.S., is designed to shut the unit down if the oxygen level drops below about 18.5%. This is well in advance of a level dangerous to people, however, homes with any fuel burning appliances should have a carbon monoxide alarm installed.

Your vent-free gas fireplace is not intended to be a primary heating source. Vent-free gas fireplace products are designed as a convenient, attractive, supplemental heat source. Use your vent-free fireplace only to warm the area in which it is located. If you desire ambiance rather than heat, this is only possible when the unit is installed in a fireplace with a functional damper and working chimney flue. Never burn your gas fireplace products unattended or when your home is empty.

Your vent-free gas fireplace will provide many years of warmth, ambiance, and enjoyment if properly maintained and used as intended. Be sure to follow all manufacturer listed installation and maintenance instructions. Stop by Hearth and Patio in Johnson City, Tennessee for all your vent-free fireplace needs. We’re happy to help!