The Big Green Egg is not your everyday grill.

A charcoal grill is a wonderful tool, but it has its limitations. Finding and maintaining the perfect temperature to slow cook a brisket or grill a classic style pizza is usually best left to restaurant grade equipment. Restaurant quality isn’t something you can typically get using your everyday grill on your back porch or patio. This type of cooking requires something a little extra special.

This unique green egg first hit the market in 1974, and its design is based on the southern Japanese mushikamado, a ceremonial clay steam cooker used to prepare rice dishes for special occasions. The modern Big Green Egg trades the traditional clay for cast-ceramic walls that allow it to reach temperatures up to 1,202 ℉, while also giving it the ability to maintain a consistent temperature for long periods of time. This means no more micromanaging the grill out of fear for turning your steaks into “mis-steaks,” as once you adjust the Big Green Egg to the perfect temperature, it’ll stay there with no need to add more coals or adjust the dampers.

The Big Green Egg can do so much more than just steaks. With such a wide range of possible temperatures and pinpoint control of those cooking temps, the Big Green Egg can do everything from slow cooking a brisket to getting that perfect char on the outside of a porterhouse style steak. Hearth and Patio is the Tri-Cities premiere place for The Big Green Egg, offering everything from the compact Mini Max to the XL, the biggest of the Big Green Eggs. To kick-start your summer with the most powerful and versatile grill you can get your hands on, look no further than the Big Green Egg.

Stop by Heath and Patio in Johnson City, Tennessee today and let us show you the “Ultimate Cooking Experience,” the Big Green Egg. We have a size for every lifestyle!